More on my special purchase

More on my special purchase

I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about bumpits.

(Exactly as I started typing this, Matt looks down at the table and says, “Bumpits?” with a questionable face- No Joke!!)

Remember that I am on summer break and that I have no kids and no job right now. So cut me some slack on thinking this much about bumpits.

Ok, so back to my thinking. Because I am not exactly what someone might call normal, I like to call myself quirky by the way, I have come up with all these potential problems with the bumpits.


Weddings! Remember there is always a really drunk girl at most weddings. Instead of the usual nipple slip we might also see a bumpit slip. Yeah.

First dates! Imagine all the girls wearing their granny panties worried their bra padding might pop out, or that there is something in their teeth, or that their bumpit is showing. Eeeck! What if your date thinks you have really nice hair and decides to touch it and and can feel the bumpit???

Girls night out! Things get crazy, you barely remember getting home, you wake up and realize your bumpit is not only showing but it’s tangled! A tangled bumpit could be very dangerous. Like, what if you have to cut it out. No good.

Yes, I know. I’m married. Matt would probably not even tell my my bumpit was showing and snicker silently if it happened to me. But, I’m thinking of all the single girls. What about all those college sorority girls out there with their bumpits. It could be, well…..a travesty.

Anyway, I still really love my bumpits. I haven’t quite mastered them yet, though. I think I’m going to have to wait until I wash my hair again since my hair dried funny this last time and my part is all messed up. I can’t get the bumpit quite how I like it. No worries- I have promised pics and I will get pics.

Something else to look forward to- bumpit songs! Yes, I’ve been making up little ditties as I play with my hair. Nothing new really as I make up songs to my cats, too.

Oh, and I have a follow-up IVF appt with my Doc tomorrow morning. Should be interesting. This will be the time that he evaluates my file and tries to figure out why I didn’t get pregnant. He better not tell me some cliche thing like I have a hostile uterus or something because I will take out my bumpit and show him who is hostile (hint: not my uterus).

Happy Birthday, Holly!!!

Highlight of the day….

Highlight of the day….


Yep, I went to get a few pharmaceutical items and spent more than an hour walking up and down the isles.


Did I hear you ask what was so exciting about Walgreens?

Um, well where else can you buy a pool float, a $6 bottle of wine, a Bag O Undies, ice cream, cereal, a sleeping gnome in a hammock, a pony tail holder with fake hair, intelligender, tampons, aspirin, and a fanny pack with a built in compass???

More importantly, where else can you buy all “As seen on TV” items such as my new very favorite purchase- BUMPITS!!!

Next on the agenda: Play with my brand new bumpits and take pictures.



Matt and I enjoyed a nice dinner at Ceviche in St. Pete tonight. We love, love, love it!!!

This dinner was a little special, though. It was a celebration and we didn’t go alone and the conversation was, wellllll…..ah-hem….let me just tell you and let you be the judge.

*Persons will be left anonymous for humility’s sake*

Girl: “I had to see patients last week and I saw a man (relative of a semi-famous person) that is 104 yrs old!!”
Me: “Whoa, that’s crazy. Did he look good?”
Girl: “Yeah, but I saw his penis. I saw a 104 yr old penis!” (laughter from both of us)

Girl (yelled across the table to a man): “I saw a 104 yr old penis this week!!” (giggles)
Man: “So. I see a 60 yr old penis everyday.” (he’s 59)

Yep. So most of you that know me can probably guess who these people are. I’ll give you a hint: I share DNA with them.

If you thought I was even the least bit quirky, you now know why.

*Disclaimer: we drank 2 pitchers of sangria*



So for several weeks (perhaps even a couple of months) we have had this weird water puddle that shows up next to our refrigerator quite randomly.

What the heck is this and how do we fix it????

What we know:
-the water is collecting underneath our crisper drawers
-we do not have an ice maker
-the fridge is not too cold, so it is not melting ice
-the freezer is not melting
-the refrigerator is in one piece and working, so it is not melting either
-there is no water underneath the fridge


Even weirder: The puddle will reach all the way across the room and to the trash can, however there is no water in the middle (read: water near fridge, water near trash can, no water in the middle of the kitchen).

Matt almost slipped on it (like in the cartoons) this morning. He was not happy and our “put a few paper towels underneath the crisper’s to absorb the water” trick is not cutting it. I’m at a loss since we can’t figure out where the water seems to be coming from.

On a side note, after writing “weird” a few times in this post it started to look “weird.” So, I chimed the “i before e, except after c” rhyme in my head, went and changed them all to “wierd” and then spell checked to find I was right after all: it is w-e-i-r-d.

Shouldn’t the rhyme be more like “i before e, except after c, or if it’s weird” ???

I’m just sayin’…..

Girly Day!

Girly Day!

Yesterday was a BLAST!

Know why??

NO GUYS, yippee (and another silent cheer)!!

Rhiannon and I are both teachers, so we are just completely and totally busy this summer (j/k). We decided to do a little a girly pamper with mani/pedi’s and lunch at the mall. Afterwards, we walked around and took advantage of some of the incredible semi-annual sales and store closings.

We spent a little more money and decided “Why let the day end there?” I mean we are technically getting paid more over the summer. So, we stopped by the Panera next to the Kohl’s for some iced/frozen coffees and a little more shopping.

Well, guess what was playing at 4:30 at the movie theater down the street? “The Proposal.” We dragged our girly day to the movie theater to watch a movie our husbands refuse to take us to. Why not? It was super cute- I heart Sandra Bullock and I’m totally jealous of her body, btw.

When we left the movie we still had the glassy excited look in our eyes of not having any annoying guys asking us about our spending so we ended the night with girl talk and a bottle of wine. Both Matt and Dave were out doing “man things” we weren’t invited to, so we took this as our excuse to admire our nails and discuss annoying male habits and this.

PS- looks like the www was right for a change. I once found on google that not too long after an ivf cycle you will lose like 7 lbs super fast once the hormones start to leave your body. As of this morning I’ve already lost 5. Thank you, God and Woo-hoo!!

Vegas Trip 2009

Vegas Trip 2009

***BEWARE: This is a very detailed and long post regarding our trip to Vegas….

Tuesday June 16:

Arrive in Vegas around 5 pm. Pick up rental car and then check in to hotel. After unpacking we go to downtown Vegas and do the following:

-Eat at the Golden Nugget Dinner Buffet.

-Watch the light show on Fremont Street.

-Do a little slot gambling at Binion’s & Fitzgerald’s and win all of our money back plus some.

Wednesday June 17:

-Eat lunch at the In N Out Burger.

-Go to the Sahara and do some light gambling, play in the arcade, drink some of those $1 shots, Matt rides the roller coaster “Speed.”

-Go to the Stratosphere and have a drink in the rotating restaurant on top. I also accidentally have a couple of grain alcohol shots (they were called shooters and I thought it was puckers! Seriously, my throat burned!).

-Go to Green Valley Ranch and wait a REALLY long time for their dinner buffet.

-Stop into Barley’s casino on the way back to the strip and check out Matt’s old house and the gym he used to work at when he lived there ages ago.

-Go to Planet Hollywood and win a lot of money on the Hot Hot Super Jackpot slot machine.

Thursday June 18:

-Go to the M casino and have the lunch buffet (which is AMAZING- it comes with all you drink beer and wine and has a cappuccino bar).

-Stop by another new casino South Point.

-Go to the New York New York and play at the arcade for a while.

-Go to Rio for the buffet and then go up to the Voodoo Lounge for a drink before we leave. We also watch the “Masquerade Parade in the Sky” on the way out. Matt chased it around until he got beads from the girl he thoughts was hot (turned out later she wasn’t).

-Stopped in the Peppermill on the way home for a night cap.

Friday June 19:

-Stop by Mandalay Bay to eat at House of Blues but someone bought it out for the day- Boo!

-Decide to go back to New York New York and try to win that iphone from the Barber Cut game but fail. 😦 Instead we have lunch at the Deli.

-Walk across the street to the MGM and check out the M&M and Coke Factories. Well, I check them out while Matt gets a water massage.

-Check out Gameworks for a couple minutes, but it smells like vomit so we leave.

-Try the arcade just one last time at the New York New York (we like arcades, can’t you tell?)

-Stop by the Wynn and have a drink by the waterfall. Then take a walk into the new part of it called Encore- very beautiful!

-Have a very nice dinner at Vic & Anthony’s at the Golden Nugget.

-Do some more light gambling on the slots at GN, Binion’s, the Fitz, and the Plaza

Saturday June 20:

-Give Mandalay Bay another try and stop at the Minus 5 Bar. It’s so neat! It’s made completely of ice! Even our glasses were made of ice, you have to wear the coat and gloves they provide and can only be inside the bar for 30 minutes- it is literally minus 5 degree’s in there! There were very cool ice sculptures of Elvis and other miscellaneous items.

-Outside the bar there is another warmer bar where we sat watched this bartender do amazing Flair techniques. Take a picture with a giant penguin mascot.

-Walk through the Luxor and check out LAX.

-Go to the Orleans and have the dinner buffet.

-Walk through the Mirage, Treasure Island, and Carnival Court at Harrah’s

Sunday June 21:

-Bally’s Sterling Brunch (this is where we had our wedding reception 2 years ago!)

-Check out the Chapel over in Paris Casino where we got married. We also went up the Eiffel Tower and got a nice aerial view of Vegas. Afterwards we stop at the bar and get 2-for-1 martini’s.

-Walk through Bellagio, Venetian, and Caesar’s Palace.

-Go to the Palms for dinner at Garduno’s. Win $15 gambling.

-Drive to the new Red Rock Casino and win more money on the Hot Hot Super Jackpot slot machine (I put in $5 and got back $58!!)

-Go back downtown and win money AGAIN at the Fitz ($20 on the Monopoly Big Event Slot)

Monday June 22:

Get home very late after a LONG day of traveling! 😦

Here’s those pics I promised!

I bet you thought I was done, didn’t you? OH NO- I’ve got plenty more to say…as in there were 2 horrific things that happened (besides the obvious) while we were in Vegas:

1) While leaving the peppermill we were bombarded by hundreds of grasshopper/cricket/locust type thingy’s. Yikes! It was like a really bad horror movie and I was freaking out until I was in the car. Matt proceeds to tell me I have one in my hair and I then scream at the very top of my lungs. This surprises Matt as he was just joking. NOT FUNNY!

2) Once I had to run back up to the room to pick up our Las Vegas Advisor book and decided to cut through the pool. Just as I’m walking into the building an extremely large lady in a dress is walking out. The wind picks up and blows her dress up- turns out she is not wearing any panties and I get a very good close-up look at her hoo-haw. Yep- more stuff nightmares are made of.

Finally, I want to leave you with a couple of tips when travelling to Vegas:

1) Go to the Las Vegas Advisor on-line and purchase their $50 membership. With it you get a 1 year membership of newsletters and a coupon book. Trust me when I tell you that this pays for itself. There are tons of 2-for-1 buffet coupons as well as coupons for gambling, drinks, and hotels. The Las Vegas Advisor membership also gives you reviews and inside information of places to go and great deals. I highly recommend you do this if you plan on going to Vegas.

2) The Sterling Brunch at Bally’s is the number 1 Champagne Brunch in Vegas. Hence why we decided to get married there- there was no way we could recreate it here in Florida. Although it is a whopping $85 per person, it is well worth it. We’re talking bottomless mimosa’s, lobster, steak, lobster-cognac omelets, and melt-in-your-mouth mini belgium waffles with homemade cream. The service is excellent and the food is 100% gourmet. I’ve never eaten anything else like it in my life.

3) Now is a great time to be in Vegas. Because of the dwindling economy, prices are very good for hotel rooms. Like we got our room for a meager $250 for the week. Also, there are many drink specials- which is highly unusual. Like $1 beers, $1 shots, $1 hotdogs. I also saw $2 margarita’s and $2 sangria’s. I’ve been to Vegas more times than I can count on two hands, Matt used to live there, and we’ve never seen anything like this before. It’s AWESOME!

Wow! Did anyone actually make it through this entire post??

We’re baaaaccckkk!

We’re baaaaccckkk!

Yes, we are finally back from Vegas. We got back late Monday evening, but I am still recuperating from the time change. I’ll get back to Vegas in a later post, but now for the news you have all been waiting for…

I AM NOT pregnant.

Without getting into too many details, I knew I was not pregnant the morning after we got to Vegas. No, it was not a negative HPT (I didn’t even have to take one that morning). It was mother nature in all her glory screaming at me what I already knew deep down. I confirmed it yesterday afternoon after my BETA results came in.

Yes, I am sad. Actually, let’s get real- sad is an understatement. I feel more like one notch underneath hysterics but I’m managing to keep it under control.

I don’t even know what else to say about it. Matt and I are both very obviously devastated that this didn’t work out for us. We had very high hopes and many dreams ready to come true. I do feel at times that it is totally and completely unfair, and yet at the same time I am aware of everything I do have (Matt and I are both healthy, financially we are ok, we each have a wonderful and supportive family, and of course all of you that have supported us, prayed, and sent positive vibes our way). I will never forget the kindness, generosity, and support of my family, friends, and readers. We are very lucky, indeed.

At this time, Matt and I will be taking a “break” of sorts from all this infertility crap. I’m so sick of being infertile- I don’t want to see another doctor or take another hormone ever again (or at least for a couple months). Don’t worry, we are not giving up. We are still going to do some more testing this summer. I do have another appointment this Thursday, but we will be limiting the procedures and such for a little while. My mind and body need a break.

Especially, my body.

Can you believe that when I got married in July of 2007 I was at 118 without even dieting or anything. One year of drinking whole milk and whatever other BS fatty items I was told would improve fertility I was at 130. Now, after fertility drugs, trigger shots, and hormone injections (plus quite a few buffets in Vegas) I’m just right at 140.

Just in time for bathing suit season I am at the highest weight of my life.


Prepare to read about my weight loss this summer….

Also, I will post Vegas pics and details later tonight.