Snakecapades and baby bumps

Snakecapades and baby bumps

Here’s proof of yesterday’s snakecapades:

Yikes! Eeeewww!!

Also, I took some pictures of my new little “baby” bump so you can understand what I mean when I say that as of three days ago none of my pants fit. I mean, REALLY. None of them fit except these one shorts that I have with elastic in them. Nice.

Hello God, am I pregnant? There had better be twins in there!!

Oh wait, I’m not pregnant (yet). I swear I weighed in the mid 120’s and wore a size 4 before all these hormones happened about 6 weeks ago. No joke. Now I wear elastic pants and I’ve got a mommy butt.

OH well, the price I’ve paid will be well worth it in the end I hope. I’ve got 12 follies waiting for me. They’re going to be retrieved on Tuesday and the Embryo transfer happens on Friday June 5. Yippee!

5 thoughts on “Snakecapades and baby bumps

  1. Yay!! I am so excited! I will be thinking of you on Friday. While you are getting your embryos transferred, I will be interviewing hundreds of displaced teachers at the job fair. I don’t know that either is “fun” but at least yours is more exciting!


  2. That was cruel! I was so excited for you and then wham! lol Crossing everything and sending you some sticky BFP vibes.Good luck!


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