Holy Snakes- last teaching day!

Holy Snakes- last teaching day!

Around 10:00 am I went into the laundry closet to get my pills out. I lock my purse in there so the students can’t get to it. When I walk in I see what looks like a small snake in my purse.

Is that a small flicker of movement I see?

I walk out, take a breath and calmly ask the boys at the table in front of the closet if they are playing a prank on me. I mean, I have been moving stuff around to go to my new room and I may have left it unlock. Maybe.

“What are you talking about, Mrs. Tow?”

“The snake. Are you playing some kind of prank on me?”

“Mrs. Tow, is there a snake in there? I swear we aren’t playing any kind of prank, let me see.”

Ok, Victor. Go in there in and check. And if this is some kind of prank, so help me God…”

“Mrs. Tow, holy cow it’s real! It just moved!”

Yep. I have a real snake in my classroom. Oh, and it was in my purse, too. I feel like I’m going to pass out, vomit, or something. I HATE snakes!! I mean, my nightmares almost always have snakes in them. No joke!

Great way to end the school year!

The snake appears to have come in through the dryer vent which somehow got disconnected from the dryer. My students have basically emptied the closet and it’s not there anymore so we’re assuming it went back out the way it came. Also, apparently (according to a student of mine) the snake skin is still sticky so it must have just shed its skin. Hmmmok, so it hasn’t been in there for years. But, still. It was in my purse. EEeeeeecccckkkk!!

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