update on bubble

update on bubble

I opted not to call the ER doctor on call and tried to tear Rhiannon a new one at Bejeweled Blitz instead.

Bejeweled Blitz = my new addiction/Internet game/trouble/did I mention I’m addicted?

Luckily, when I woke up this morning it was gone (the bubble, not Bejeweled- I still need to battle that later). So, I’m guessing it was as I thought. The needle didn’t go far enough into the injection site and the medicine was absorbed during the night while I was snoozin.

I still feel vomitous so it must be working. Plus, I feel tingling in the ovary area which confirms it for me. Also, I notice that I feel the most sick in the morning and the only that makes me feel better is pretzels. Sound familiar? Nice…morning sickness with no baby. That just plain sucks!

PS- I still haven’t found my baby medallion thingy, but I will be moving furniture tonight to find it. Tomorrow is a big appointment with ultrasound and all and I’m too superstitious to go without it! Crikey!

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