Memorial weekend monsoon…

Memorial weekend monsoon…

SOooooo…we had great plans to go to the pool and beach and so on, but with the crazy rain here it made it slightly difficult. We did manage a couple of afternoons at the pool and one evening at the beach. We watched the sunset and then had pizza at our favorite pizza joint.

Besides feeling quite vomitous for most of the time, it was nice- quiet and restful.

Since I had a lot of time to think, I came to revelation during these 3 days off:

I secretly yearn to make one or both of my cats the next viral video Internet sensation.

I think Matt does too, although I’m sure he won’t admit it. It’s just that they are so cute! Boo thinks he’s a little pig and rolls around on either the carpet or cement. Lily can do a ninja flip to catch and retrieve a twist tie. Is that talent or what??

I’ll leave you with a sneaky peak at our adorable furbabies. (This one is not viral worthy but it’s cute nonetheless)

Boo trying to roll around on the rug until Lily the Terrible comes up….

And in case that wasn’t enough, here’s a few more pics of our cuties:

Boo suntanning

Lily falling asleep while searching for lizards

One thought on “Memorial weekend monsoon…

  1. Our afternoons were a washout here. We’ve had storms and heavy rain every afternoon for days and days. Our dry Lake Otto is now completely under water.


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