“Angel Baby” thingy

“Angel Baby” thingy

On Sunday, Matt and I had a lovely brunch over at First Watch across the street from our ‘hood. Towards the end of our meal I reached in my purse and announced that I was taking my last BCP before our IVF cycle. In typical Suzanne fashion I made a goofy face, swallowed my pill, got up to go to the restroom and found this right on the floor by our cozy booth:

It’s a baby/toddler Angel medallion! Coincidence? Don’t know, but this thing is the size of a dime and was right by my seat. On the other side (which was too difficult to get a picture of) is the Virgin Mary with her child.

I’m going to take this as a sign and carry it around with me until I get my BFP. You never know…

**Key: IVF= InVitro Fertilization; BCP= Birth Control Pills; BFP= Big Fat Positive (pregnancy test!)

4 thoughts on ““Angel Baby” thingy

  1. I’m trying not to get too overly excited about a baby angel medallion thingy, but….I’m excited, I’m excited! 🙂


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