Totally exhausted…

Totally exhausted…

In the wake of the last few weeks of school (only 12 teaching days left, plus 4 additional “teacher stuff” days) I have been exhausted! The students are driving me nuts, they are so up the wall crazy!
To give you just a little inkling of my exhaustion/frustration level I will reveal to you in secrecy that I had a dream the other night that I abused one of students. Well, abuse is relative- I yelled at him, took him by both arms and swung him around and threw him against a wall (remember this is a dream). Afterwards, I realized that I was in trouble and started running from the police that I wasn’t sure were after me or not. Kind of a proactive attempt to save myself.
Question: What does this say about me?
Maybe my dream self needs some anger management…
On the brighter side, we had a good ole time with Jennifer and Brandi while they were in town. Matt celebrated the big “3-5” on April 26 while they were here and it was really fun making fun of Matt for moving out of the 18-24 yr age bracket and making it into the next one. It was like a rite of passage that we celebrated with cake and beer. Yummers!
Matt and little Brandi-kins

Me and Matt looking very loverly at his B-day Bash at the Tow Residence

Matt loves his cake- too bad I haven’t learned the art of keeping this cake straight with Mousse filling in-between the layers

Matt receiving his beer gift from Noah

Mike and I got Matt these awesome pens as a gift. They have their Allstate logo and office info on them. Anyone need Insurance, by the way??

In other news, lookey what the Department of Education faeries sent me recently:

So plenty of good news after all. Did I mention that I only have 12 more teaching days?? Just checking…

PS- I begin injections for the IVF scheduled next week. Yikes! I hope that my hormones don’t cause any of those “school dreams” to come true. In any event, that means that in about 2.5 weeks I will have the transfer of my embryo babies. WHOA!

5 thoughts on “Totally exhausted…

  1. Congrats on the teaching certificate!!! Happy birthday to Matt, he is such an old man and holy moly about the IVF! I can’t believe it’s happening so soon!!! I am so excited for you! I hope I am feeling better so we can hang out tomorrow.On a funny note, my word verification is “mancocus”


  2. LOL! Mancocus sounds dirty! We should make up a definition for it and throw it in conversation now and then for the hell of it. I just like the sound of it, you know?


  3. Suzanne, you got a ton going on lady!!! Congrats on school being done soon, IVF coming up (SO EXCITED FOR YOU BY THE WAY!!), Matt turning 35 and not abusing your kiddos IRL…lol See that’s what dreams ARE for, a healthy


  4. WOW! I didn’t realized IVF was so close! GL GL GL!! 🙂 I’m sending lots of smooth IVF vibes your way 🙂 Happy Birthday to Matt! Batman just celebrated his 30th last week! 🙂


  5. I have Allstate insurance, thany you very much. lol!I didn’t realize your IVF was starting already! +++++ vibes that it goes smoothly and ends with a BFP.Happy Belated Birthday to Matt.


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