Out of the closet…er, bed…

Out of the closet…er, bed…

Ok- so last week I basically shut down and crawled under the covers after my seriously terrible week. Did I mention that it ended with a “BANG” when I literally backed into something after my dr.’s appt (for my hand) and dented in the back of my bumper?


It was then that I decided I needed to go into hiding….

Somehow I managed to get out of bed on Monday and make it to work. Thankfully some one from above had pity on me and turned some of the bad things from last week around and it ain’t so bad anymore.

Good: Hand is not infected and does not need stitches or antibiotics!

Even Better: Jenny and Brandi are in town!

Best EVER: We got invited to be in an IVF study!!!!

Yes, that’s right. Take that you mean patch study that kicked us out because of some lousy test results!! Matt and I qualify for an IVF study that is taking place nationwide and is only accepting 200 people. It’s not free, but it’s about a 75% savings since all we have to pay for are drugs and ultrasounds.


Ok, so things aren’t final yet but it’s looking like a very real possibility. I’ll keep you posted.

It’s really all so romantic in a way. My eggs will be super fine and mature (x25) in their little posh pietre dish. Matt’s big boy’s will stop by in their gnarly syringe and get their groove on. That little party produces a few babies-in-a-tube and next thing you know, BAM!, Matt and I have our own tv show.

I know you’re jealous.

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