commitment phobia starts young

commitment phobia starts young

Yesterday I tried to persuade some of the (little) kids to help me clean up the blocks so I used a little trick I learned back in college.

Me: “I’m so weak. I need a very strong person to come help me put these blocks away.” (wink, wink)

Little boy (age 5) named Romeo standing next time jumps up and down and says, “Me, me! I’m strong! I’m real strong, Mrs. Tow. I can do it!”

Little girl (age 3) named Elise watches, comes over and says, “WOW! You ARE a good helper, Romeo.”

Me: “Romeo is a good helper, isn’t he?”

Elise: “Yes, that’s because he is my boyfriend.”

Me: “He is!?”

I look over at Romeo who looks perplexed and quickly shakes his head “no,” as in “NO WAY.” Elise looks over at the same time and witnesses his rejection.

Elise: “Romeo! We’re ALL friends at school. You ARE my boyfriend. We are all friends.”

Romeo: “I am NOT your boyfriend. I’m just a kid!”

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