Strike 3- No good very bad week gets worse…

Strike 3- No good very bad week gets worse…

really….is it possible to have this bad of a week??

So, today I started the day like normal. All was going smooth. Only had to take one cell phone away and didn’t have to scream too much. I went to move the utility cart with my laptop and projector on it but got the wheel caught on a students chair leg. So when I yanked it, I managed to squeeze my hand between the cart and the little metal tray of the white board that holds your markers and the erasers. Not the front part, but the really sharp side part. The part that gauged my left hand and had me seeing stars. The part that nearly made me say a string of curse words in front of my students and brought tears to my eyes. I composed myself long enough to get to the sink and wash it off. But wait, this isn’t any cut….it’s a crazy deep white board marker dust infested cut.


So, I tried to put pressure on it, but realized very quickly that the pain and the blood are too much to handle for the rest of this 90 minute class period. So, I call up front to get a person to watch my class while I go the clinic.

Clinic status- closed….Go figure.

So Mrs. Archer, the nice lady at the front desk who handles all the referrals, is nice enough to help me rinse off the cut and put some gauze and a band aide on it. She also has a secret stash of advil. HALLELUJAH!

I get back to class and realize that the advil is just not cutting it. I need heavier drugs. Vicodin, anyone? Oh, wait…I’m at school…

Somehow, I manage to make it through the rest of the afternoon and then decide I’m going to need to see someone to check out my hand and at least get the dry eraser marker particles out of my cut. I fill out my work comp. forms and drive myself to a very scary workers comp walk-in clinic.

Me: “Yes, I cut my hand at school and just need someone to clean it up for me.”

RNP: “Ok, let me take a look and clean it up for you.”

Me: “Yeah, I just need to get the marker particles out. Ouch”

RNP: “Yeah, we’ve cleaned it out, but you have a little hole in there. I think we’ll need to do a couple of stitches and then get you a tetanus shot.”

Me: “Oh, no that’s ok. I just needed it cleaned so it won’t get infected.”

RNP: “Um, no. You’re going to need a couple of stitches. It’ll get infected without stitches”

Me: “No, I’m fine. Really.”

RNP: “No, you’re not.”

Me: “Puuuuhhhhleeaaaassseee, don’t make me get stitches.”

So, to make a short story long, I managed to talk her into just putting those little butterfly tape thingies on instead to keep it together. But, I still had to get the stupid tetanus. Ouch!!!

I’ve got to come back on Monday for a follow-up and to insure it’s healing properly. Otherwise it’s going to be stitches and antibiotics for me!!!

How many days until summer, again?

4 thoughts on “Strike 3- No good very bad week gets worse…

  1. I’m wincing in pain for you. There is no shot worse than a Tetnus. I’d rather have an epidural than a Tetnus shot. I hope your hand heals quickly.


  2. OMG… I’m so glad today is friday just so your week can be over!!! ((hugs)) hope your hand is feeling better, and I’m sending you “hand heal fast and no infection and no stitches vibes”!


  3. Thanks, ladies! Unfortunately, my hand has been swelling a bit this weekend. Hopefully, that’s not a bad sign. I guess I’ll find out tomorrow….


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