Roller coaster ride

Roller coaster ride

This week has been one crazy roller coaster ride.

Up: Kudos to me from Vice-Principal via email to entire faculty- regarding the presentation I made last week at the meeting

Up: Receive Fertility Charm- charged with Reiki (sp??) just for me!! Thanks Cheri22!

Down: Tornado on Tuesday- resulted in loss of power and duck and cover procedure with 20 teenagers.

Down: Contract renewals- AP decided to observe me during the loss of power for my annual review!

Down: Cell-phones and teenagers- confiscated phone once power came back on after tornado left. Cell phone had very graphic pornographic image of male genitalia.

**Taylor, if you are reading this please never ever ever have any pornographic images on your cell phone. Especially at school! Besides that fact that your mom will lose it, kids and pornography are against the law!!!***

Up: Steve-O finally gets cut from DWTS!!

Up: Acupuncture rocks!

Down: More bad news from the fertility specialist… 😦

Down: Trainer informs me I’m eating all the wrong foods…. double 😦

Love/Hates this week…
I love that new BEP song “Boom Boom Pow.” I love how the one guy is named and when Fergie says “ drop the beat now.” Oooh, and when she says “I’m so 3008. You so 2000 and late.” She’s good….

I hate infertility. I’m sorry to say that I also hate pregnant people again. *sigh’*

Not you Jenny, though! Unless you are skinnier than me and pregnant. Then I do hate you. Just joking! Not really.

Well, sort of.

Ok, I really am joking for real. πŸ™‚

Kind of…..

2 thoughts on “Roller coaster ride

  1. Do you know any SAHM that might be willing to house your embryo for 9 months? Does Elaine ever plan on having kids? If only Phoebe was your friend, she could carry your triplets for you … Love you! Wish you luck!


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