TV talk

TV talk

Want to hear something funny?

Matt and I are totally addicted to that show Split Ends on The Style Network. Yes, you heard correctly- Matt and I.

OMG, it is so freaking hilarious, I can’t contain myself. The drama is gossip worthy and the flamboyancy is to the max. You’ve got to watch it at least once. The premise is that two completely different stylists swap salons.

Here is a clip.

Ok, what do you think? Want to hear the best part? MY SALON IS IN THE FINAL STAGES TO BE ON THE SHOW!!! EEEKKKK!!

On another note, I’ve been watching the Real Housewives of New York so I watched the sneak peek for the New Jersey series about to start in May and I’m totally in like.

My favorite line: “Happy Wife, Happy Life.”

Gotta love it….

3 thoughts on “TV talk

  1. My mom loves Split Ends and I used to watch it a lot while scrapbooking. My fav episode is the one with the black guy from Ohio…Darnell I think was his name. He was crazy!


  2. Good one! My favorite is the one with the gay guy from MO who has an english accent but had never been to England. He gets swapped out with a lady from Alabama who works at a kids salon. The drama!!


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