Professional Certificate here I come…

Professional Certificate here I come…

Confirmed! I don’t have to pass the Social Studies test to get my certificate!

To make a long story short, I have a BA in Sociology with a minor in Secondary Ed. This means when I got my temporary certificate to teach, that it was in Social Studies. What I really wanted to teach was Family & Consumer Science (aka Home Ec). As it happens I was able to get a job right away teaching this and all I had to do was take the test (that one I actually passed the first time).

SOoooo…the thing is that I needed a class and a test to get my Professional Certificate. Well, the Family & Consumer Science methods class was not available to me unless I took a semester off to go to Tallahassee as it is only offered at FSU.

WHAT??? Seriously. I’m a die hard Gator. Besides the fact that I can’t just up and leave my family, my home, my cats, or my job for one stupid class, I would rather DIE than go to FSU.

Solution: Pass the Social Studies Test

Well, you all know how that’s been going. So, on Tuesday (after I failed the test AGAIN) I called the Dept. of Ed here in Florida pretty hysterical asking them what else I can do. The conversation went something like this:

Me crying: “There must be something else I can do! I can’t pass the test and I’m not going to Tallahassee! I’m NOT!”

Certification Lady: “Are you teaching now.”

Me with a hiccup a nose swipe: “Yes, I’m a teacher.”

CL: “Are you teaching Social Studies or Family & Consumer Science? What county?”

Me: “Family & Consumer Science in Pinellas.”

CL: “Oh. Well, just have your county submit a CT 133 form and it will count in lieu of that class in Tallahassee and you will get your certificate.”

Me: “What??”

CL: “As of January 2009 your teaching experience can count in lieu of one of your class requirements.”

HOLY SHIT!! Why did I not know this?? Being the scaredy cat that I am, I called the county on Monday, and their all “Oh, yeah. I do it electronically. I’ll do that this week and email you back.”

Ok, seriously….have you any idea how much time and money was spent trying to pass this test for nothing? Let’s be honest here- I won’t make a good Social Studies Teacher. How would you feel if I was your child’s World History teacher when I can’t pass the damn test? But still- this caused some major stress in the Tow Household for quite a while. I can’t help but be a little peaved.

I know. Let’s not be Debbie Downer here in the midst of my good fortune. This is very good news indeed. My paperwork is being processed as we speak.


Oh, and things are going great at school, too. Looks like I’ll be keeping my job amidst all these budget cuts. My school is cutting 9, but somehow I squeaked through past even some poor Academic teachers and missed the cut. AND, I was chosen to head the faculty meetings yesterday. Teachers are much scarier to present in front of than students are, by the way. It took all my energy and I was asleep by 6 last night, but I did it!

Yep- little Suzie is finally growed up and moving up in the education world. I guess that means I’m an adult!


5 thoughts on “Professional Certificate here I come…

  1. Hooray!! Glad you can get the certificate without having to take that dumb test again πŸ™‚ and yay for still having your job!!


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