Spring Break all gone!

Spring Break all gone!

Yep. This week has been spring break for me (part of the reason I’ve been such a bad blogger). It started with a grand event- the wedding of my lovely sorority sister Kelly Nelson, now Bell. Isn’t that so cute??? Kelly Bell…

Anywho, those were good times, but then I spent the next couple of days studying for that stupid Social Studies test which I failed again for a fifth time. Blah, blah, blah. Long story short, there may be a way around this test, I will confirm tomorrow.

Instead of wallowing in self pity, we had the West’s over for some dinner and a little Wii action the night before I drove off to Orlando for a few days for some girl time. I stayed with the my lovely cousin, Rosie, and then met up with my Best Friend, Hilary, the next day for some lunch and gossip. Just to be fun I have included some incredibly scary pictures of me and my girls. Some of which we are a little tipsy from Chilean wine. We tried very hard to poke fun and do some facebook/myspace profile pic poses and personally I think we succeeded.

But first, the awesome view from Rosie’s place:

Our facebook/myspace profile pose montage:

Us kissing Skippy, doesn’t it look like I’m making out with a cat?? hmmm….

Me, Hilary, and my two babies Tegan and Emma. Ok fine, their hers!

Um, I wasn’t feeling good in that picture by the way….Chilean wine makes you do CRAZY things…

2 thoughts on “Spring Break all gone!

  1. Awww, good times and great pics! I hope your week back at work after break isn’t too bad.If you want you can find me on face book. Chele Elms Watson.


  2. I have another friend named Kelly Bell, which is her married name. That’s funny 🙂 Mine’s been married awhile though …


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