Gym Update

Gym Update

Good News: I passed the 4 week Gym Challenge

Bad News: I gained 5 pounds

What?!?!? Don’t try and tell me it’s muscle or whatever cause I don’t think so. Call me vain, but I’d rather lose muscle and weigh less than gain muscle and weigh more. Blah!

I ran to the front desk first thing yesterday and made an appointment with the personal trainer. Ya– um I didn’t join the gym to gain weight. Muscle mass my ass!

3 thoughts on “Gym Update

  1. LOL! Actually it probably is a combination of muscle and water gain. Muscle is better in the long run. A trainer is an excellent idea.


  2. Good job for sticking with it!! Sorry to hear you gained some pounds though… I hear you on the weighing less part though 😉 would so rather see less on the scale!!


  3. I’ve been doing the gym thing for 3 months now, and I hate it but I’ve lost 17 pounds. The trainer didn’t help me, but I think you’ll be a little more disciplined than I was … what has helped me is that we got bikes and now we bike almost every night, and on weekends we bike to the gym … I didn’t do jack yesterday and I still hurt from my gym weekend …


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