I’m a Unicorn!

I’m a Unicorn!

Matt and I started couple’s acupuncture today with Dawn Balusik. I have to admit that it was fun and very interesting. Especially the part when Matt and I were being “interviewed” regarding any of our health concerns and I got embarrassed, looked over at Matt, and saw that he was plugging his ears!! Yeah, what seemed like a little acupuncture turned into a next big step in our relationship. You know, when TMI things are exchanged to the point of no return. Yep, we know some things about each other that I could have gone my whole life not knowing and vice versa. I guess that means we aren’t newlyweds anymore.

Huh. Well, the good news is that I became a Unicorn during our escapades. Dawn put one of those crazy needles right in the center of my forehead. Leave it to me to laugh uncontrollably during my Unicorn session. I was supposed to be relaxing, but instead I kept looking over at Matt and stifling laughs like a little girl at the dinner table.

PS- along with being a salon junkie every other week and a gym rat 4 times a week, I will now be an acupuncture snob once a week. What??

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