Suzanne the Ref

Suzanne the Ref

So, a fight broke out in my class today. I mean the kind of fight where one kid pins another to the table and puts him in a choke hold. It happened so fast that the other students were completely stunned and just sat there with their eyes wide and their mouths open. Not a soul moved. Not one person said a word. I look over, see one kid reach across the table and grab him by the neck, and next thing you know I’m running over to break it up.

But, wait. That kid is a football player, is 6’3″ and weighs about 240 pounds. I’m 5’4″ and a 120 pounds less. So, I do what any other teacher would do. I scream at him to let go and then use the call button to have the SRO (school resource officer) sent to my room. Believe it or not, they listened to me. The one kid let go. I got the other boy outside to separate them just in time for the SRO to get there along with two administrators.

All this happened in a matter of 5 minutes. No Joke! It seemed like forever, but it only lasted minutes.

So, while other people were having lunch at 11:30 am, I was referee for a teenage boy fight. Lucky me…

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