My new cause

My new cause

I’ve been thinking about that saying I hear a lot of these days.

“Everything happens for a reason.”

I have to admit that I do a ton of eye rolling every time I hear that. What if it is true, though? Maybe I have been dealing with the dreaded infertility for a reason. I spent the greater part of this week inconsolable over another little snafu in my journey to have a family. I’ve questioned myself and my womanhood all week. Is this happening to me because I’m a bad person? Was it one of those stupid things I did in college? Maybe I don’t deserve to have children….

Lucky for me, I have a wonderful support system made up of family and close friends. I started to feel better this afternoon and then suddenly I have an epiphany. I have needed support and gotten it, but not all women going through infertility are as lucky as I am. I need to join the fight in supporting infertility!! Ta da!

So, I became a member of RESOLVE– The National Infertility Association. So, there you have it. I’m looking for volunteer opportunities to help other women deal with the same things I’m going through. There is also a place to make donations on there. Pledge one if you dare!

Meet the new Suzanne…..Women’s Infertility Advocate, formerly pregnant person hater.

3 thoughts on “My new cause

  1. I also think some things happen for a reason. I also think good and bad things happen to good and bad people.I’ve had the same questions and I still don’t know the answers. I do knowing that being able to support and help others these past 7 years through the infertility process has brought me some peace.


  2. Wow! Good for you. I am a little creaped out that you mention this. I did the same thing.I joined Resolve and noticed the closest meetings are 60+ miles away. I have been feeling this pull to be of some sort of help in my area.This is also a new realization for me so I’m not quite sure how this will take form or how I will make it happen, but I’ve been reading on the Resolve web site now and then to find out what I can.And although I do beleive things happen for a reason (I’ve seen the example in my life many times) it doesn’t take the sting of dealing with IF any easier.


  3. T-party- so cool that you joined Resolve, too! I also feel a pull, but honestly haven’t found a place close to me either. I’m working on it, though!


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