Stupid things I’ve seen/heard this week

Stupid things I’ve seen/heard this week

*Warning: I had a bit of a crappy week and I’m a little cynical right now*

1) Smart car convertibles

Wow, I saw one of these on the road this week. If the manufacturers of this car meant smart as in “we left an opening at the top of the car where your brains and other bodily fluids can shoot out of when another car rear ends you into the car in front of you,” then yes, it is smart. Otherwise, I have officially named this car stupid. How is that for clever?

2) Survey’s that ask girls, “Diamonds or Pearls?”

Serously?? I have to choose one? Why?

Diamonds and Pearls look fabulous together! It would be a travesty to make a girl choose between these two. I’m telling you. This is one decision a girl should never have to make.

3) Being mad at the Bachelor, Jason Mesnik

Yes, he hurt Melissa. Yes, she has the right to be angry. Yes, he is a jerk. But, come on! Just because he is a dad and a nice guy doesn’t mean he never thinks with the wrong “head.” He’s a man! Why is everybody surprised about this??!!

There are actually more stupid things that happened this week, but I’m going to cap it at 3 and save you from my ranting.

Let’s end on a positive… I joined a new gym! This gym has unlimited free personal training, free tanning, and free massage as part of the fee! Since it’s on my way home from work, I’ve actually been 4 times this week already! To be honest, I’m probably doing more tanning than exercising, but I joined a gym!!

2 thoughts on “Stupid things I’ve seen/heard this week

  1. The only gyms we have near us are SPA snooty gyms. I lasted 6 months there. I miss my old gym in Spring Hill. I have a friend in main that loves your new gym. I wish we had one of those close to us. They are awesome!LMAO! at the Smart Car and my dh and I said that the if your driving one of them and get nailed by and suv or big 4×4 truck you are going to be a slick in the road.Hope next week is a better week for you. Enjoy the weekend! It’s a lovely 84* here today.


  2. I saw someone in a Smart Car or something that looked just like it… It was this GIANT man in this teeny tiny car… I LAUGHED MY BUTT OFF! Being the stalker that I am, I actually followed the guy for a few miles just so that I could keep on laughing… It was sooooo funny to see this giant dude stuffed into this soda can of a car. OMG… it was probably one of the funniest things I’ve ever seen. I mean, the guy had to have been AS BIG as the car itself. I have no idea how he crammed himself inside it.


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