I’m a Unicorn!

I’m a Unicorn!

Matt and I started couple’s acupuncture today with Dawn Balusik. I have to admit that it was fun and very interesting. Especially the part when Matt and I were being “interviewed” regarding any of our health concerns and I got embarrassed, looked over at Matt, and saw that he was plugging his ears!! Yeah, what seemed like a little acupuncture turned into a next big step in our relationship. You know, when TMI things are exchanged to the point of no return. Yep, we know some things about each other that I could have gone my whole life not knowing and vice versa. I guess that means we aren’t newlyweds anymore.

Huh. Well, the good news is that I became a Unicorn during our escapades. Dawn put one of those crazy needles right in the center of my forehead. Leave it to me to laugh uncontrollably during my Unicorn session. I was supposed to be relaxing, but instead I kept looking over at Matt and stifling laughs like a little girl at the dinner table.

PS- along with being a salon junkie every other week and a gym rat 4 times a week, I will now be an acupuncture snob once a week. What??

A new beginning

A new beginning

Friday afternoon on my way home from work, I saw a scooter in the middle of the road. At first I was pretty nervous and quickly looked around for the child who was riding it. Just around the corner came running a small 5ish year old child chasing a jack rabbit. I couldn’t stop laughing and I suddenly remembered it’s the first day of Spring! New weather, longer brighter days, and lots of green leaves and flower blooms!

Then this afternoon I saw the hibiscus bushes in the neighborhood have bloomed. The neighbor across the street also has these beautiful bushes with pink and white tiny flowers on them. So beautiful!

Anyhow, Spring always reminds me of the summer I went to Italy and saw Botticelli’s Primavera at the Uffizi Gallery in Florence. It’s one of my favorite’s (along with Birth of Venus). I bought a print of each of those to remind me of its beauty, but honestly they have been in a box since early 2005. What a pity.

I was thinking about that the other day in the shower and I was inspired to write a poem. Weird, I know. I haven’t written any poems since college really and then 10 years later I get my inspiration back- w-h-i-l-e i-n t-h-e s-h-o-w-e-r. You don’t have to call me weird, I already know I am thanks to Jennifer Searcy in the 5th grade. However, I digress. Behold my shower inspired poem:

Primavera Parade
An Ode to Spring
A new parade arrives today
Primavera is here, hooray!
The leaves return to green, the flowers bloom
The birds fly home and dance in their sky room.
Animals will mate,
Small children await
Spring days, a time to celebrate
A fresh start and a change of fate.
The cool air stills under the warming sun,
Primavera is here, new days of fun!

My first love- love at first sight (June 1996)
1 more week to go!

1 more week to go!

Ok, so I made a goal with Matt and myself to stick to a work-out routine for at least 1 month. I’m happy to announce that I have worked out AT LEAST 4 times a week for the last 3 weeks. Only 1 more week to go. Yeah, for me!

PS- on a side note, I had to kick two students out of Saturday school this morning for profanity. Ugh. I’ve decided it’s just the whole weather thing these days. You know, it’s getting warm again and the kids are antsy for the summer. Not that I’m counting, or anything, but there are only 46 more days for students and 48 for teachers until the summer break. Just in case you were wondering.

Endometriosis Awareness

Endometriosis Awareness

Well, since I now consider myself the Tampa, Fl spokeswoman for RESOLVE, I wanted to pass on this little tidbit of info I received today…

“March is National Endometriosis Awareness Month. Endometriosis is a chronic condition that affects more then 5.5 million women in the United States and Canada. About 40% of patients with endometriosis will experience some degree of infertility.”

Don’t worry, men. This fun little gem of a chronic condition only affects women.



Ok, I had a kick-ass ladies night this past Saturday, but I can’t seem to upload the pics! I’ve been trying to all week. Wah….

So, the gist is that the participants included me, my mom, Rhi, her mom, Tara, and Nicki. We started over at my place with some wine and snacks. Once everyone gathered there we headed over to the Mermaid Lounge at Fish Tail Willy’s for more cocktails and a scrumptious dinner. At 9 pm the party really started when drinks become free for the ladies until 11 pm!!!

Things got a little crazy (crazy = fuzzy) after that, but I seem to recall it was a blast! Especially when Nicki went up to sing some Reggae and the mom’s got up to dance in a train to Jamaican music! (I actually got video footage of that!!)

I’ll keep working on those pics and video…