Done and done!

Done and done!

Went to my special appointment today….

The answer is yes. Fasting really is that bad.

So, back to the important stuff. There were some pros and cons, but looks like I’ve made it past the initial screening for the study.


1) Due to budget cuts (such an ugly term, seriously, when are all we going to have money again so we can have fun??) they had to eliminate/change some things about the study.

  • I can only be in the study for one cycle (even though the study goes on for 7 months)
  • If I do not get pregnant during this cycle I will still get one round of free drugs, but not the one I want (for my ttc sisters, they are giving clomid instead of GnRH)

2) I can’t have an IUI or IVF during this cycle


1) My ultrasound shows that my ovaries are no longer polycystic! I mean, I still have PCOD, but my ovaries are no longer giant and full of cysts. The metformin worked! The ultrasound also showed some nice follicles. Woo-hoo!!! This probably also explains why my friend actually came in a 28 day cycle for the first time in my entire pubescent years.

2) I have an 80% chance of getting the drug (5 control groups, 1 is placebo) soooo…that is still one month of free GNRH, as opposed to the $1000 we would have to shell out if we did it on our own.

3) I’m still getting paid $500 after the study! So that’s either Vegas money or baby money!

Alright men, for real. Are there any of you who read this blog? If so, comment now or forever hold your peace. There is so much more gross girl stuff to come. That’s a threat.

3 thoughts on “Done and done!

  1. Sounds good to me! Sending out lots of baby vibes that you will be pg when you go to vegas. It’s great that the metaformin has regulated your cycle. Good luck!


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