Yummy Juicer Recipe

Yummy Juicer Recipe

Any of you juicers out there? I used to be really into it, but have kind of let the dust build up on it lately. Yesterday when I went to the store they had all this really great looking produce, so I bought a bunch and got to juicin. I thought I would share the recipe for the scrumptious juice concoction I just made today:

1 pear
1 apple
1 mango
1 lime

I like things on the tart side, so if you don’t nix the lime. Also, a few notes on juicing if you are new at this:

1) Buy a really good juicer with a strong motor. Vitamix is the God of all juicers, but if you want something a little cheaper they have some great ones at Bed, Bath, and Beyond. We’ve got an older version of this one and it is awesome.
2) Throw the whole fruit in there with seeds, skin, and all. Well, except for citrus. The oils in the rinds can ruin the juicer

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