I think I’ll just go eat worms….

I think I’ll just go eat worms….

Today has been a terrible, no good, very bad day. I think I’ll go eat worms….

I spent the whole week studying and avoiding the wonderful wide world of Internet to pass the holy grail of all tests- dum, dum, dum- Social Studies Area Examination grades 6-12. I had the perfect plan:

1) Substitute-check
-all my students were dully warned of the appearance of “mean Mrs. Tow” should they embarrass me in front of the sub. Automatic referrals/detention in place as plan B.
2) Celebration dinner set-check
3) Trip to the mall in the afternoon so I could relish passing the test and having a substitute take care of my class while I shopped- check
4) Super special Dr.’s appointment-check
-more on that later

I just want to say for the record that one of the teachers at my school told me they took the Professional Ed test 15 times before they passed it (I passed it on the first try). Other teachers have had to take parts of the GK test more than once (I passed it on the first try). Everyone told me that the middle integrated curriculum test was the hardest test (I passed it on the first try). SO why, God, WHY did I fail the Social Studies, yet again???? (4 times now, people)

The moment I saw the “not pass” on my certificate, tears started falling out of my eyes. Before I could even get out of the building and into my car I was holding back sobs. I just don’t understand!!!

Instead of my celebration dinner and relished trip to the mall, I laid in bed and cried myself to sleep for about 5 hours. Dramatic? Maybe. I’ve just spent so much time getting my stuff together to get my professional teaching certificate and this is the only thing in the way. It was a huge disappointment.

As if that isn’t enough to turn a potentially good day sour, (men put year ear muffs on, or eye mask, whatever), I have a “friend” in town. All of my TTC sisters understand what I’m saying here. But, really. I have never ever ever in my life had a normal 28 day visit from my “friend” and now, of all the years in my life, she decides to be normal. Again, why, God, WHY???

Before I get to my next point I was just wondering- are there actually any guys who read this blog? Ok, just checking.

So any way, back to my point. I haven’t told you yet, but I have been invited to join a special study for a new way to administer a fertility drug. This is a big deal because this drug is normally injected and is my next step in the TTC plan. It is not covered by insurance and costs a total of $1000 per cycle. As part of this study, not only do I get this drug for free, but I also get all my dr.’s appointments for free as well as getting paid $500. THIS IS HUGE! Ok well, there is still about a 20% chance that I could be in the placebo group but the fact that I was asked to be a part of this study and my dr. just happens to be the lead investigator is just a miracle. What I’m trying to say here is that I had my first appointment scheduled for today, but it had to be rescheduled thanks to my special “friend” and an emergency surgery my dr. had to go to. So, I had to reschedule for Tuesday at 2 pm. Doesn’t sound so terrible except that I have to fast the entire day before my appointment.

Suzanne + fasting = impossible


Suzanne x fasting = super cranky mean Suzanne (squared)

Yep. Wish me luck. But seriously, we do need all your prayers and positive thoughts for the next month. I need to pass this test and get pregnant asap or I’m going to be the craziest infertile maybe teacher (if I can pass the damn test) in Pinellas County.

6 thoughts on “I think I’ll just go eat worms….

  1. Suzanne – I am really crossing my fingers that this study will be what works for you. And that Social Studies test was by far the hardest one I took. There was SO much on it. Good luck!


  2. Damn, that sucks! I am so sorry you didn’t pass it. Sucks about your period too. I will keep you in my thoughts. My wonderful friend is on her way too!


  3. Lordy your day sucked big rotten eggs and I can totally understand your disappointment.Sending some major ++++ vibes that this study gets you your bfp.Good luck!


  4. Sorry about your test Suz! You’ll get there … I don’t think I ever would, but then – I’m not a teacher! :)If you want, you can meet at my house to go for sushi next week. You can meet 1-year-old Spencer and we can catch up in the car 🙂 It’s been too long!


  5. Oh Suck!! Sorry about the test! 😦 Woohoo for the the trial though!! that’s so exciting!! I hope you are in the test group instead of placebo!! 🙂


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