Ok, so Matt got me this gift certificate for a new Salon nearby and I’ve been there 3 times in the last 2 weeks (I love it can’t you tell). Any way, my point is that I went in today to get my eyebrows waxed and I’ve decided to get on a good wax routine since I am now a Salon junkie. This means I cannot pluck my eyebrows for another two weeks. Ok, those of you who know me well KNOW this is going to be incredibly difficult for me. For those of you who don’t know me as well- I’m a maniac about plucking my eyebrows! Like, I do it everyday and sometimes several times a day.

I’m not sure I can go TWO WHOLE WEEKS without removing those extra nasty hairs from face! EEEEeeeeeeck!!!

4 thoughts on “WOW!

  1. I here you! That has been the one thing that I make sure I do for years now. So much easier than plucking. I’ve even had our stylist do Derek’s eyebrows every other haircut. No more caterpillar faces here!


  2. Well, I go pretty regularly but I still pluck the stray ones. The ones that are not close to the brow. Maybe if you just do those you could control yourself. lol.


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