Add to the list:

Add to the list:

  • Chicken philly sandwich
  • Fried twinkie
  • Fried oreo
  • Strawberry shortcake
  • Swedish fish
  • Sour straws
  • Fish-n-chips
  • Waffle House
  • Champagne Sunday Brunch

Yes, this is a complete list of foods eaten this past weekend. For real!! While not eating random fat-laden sugar filled items, Matt and I were found at the State Fair on Friday night enjoying our yearly fried twinkies. This year there was a special that included two fried oreo’s. Can’t let the oreo’s feel left out, right!? Plus, it was a special! We would be idiots to not go for the special.

Anywho, I’m proud to announce that Matt won one the Largest Stuffed Animal in the history of the fair. I’m not even exaggerating. At 5’5″ Scooby and with a lime green sweater on, Scooby has been scaring the sh*t out of everyone who walks into the guest room.

Behold Scooby the Terrible Stuffed Watch Dog:

Yikes! Oh, and let’s not forget me- I won two little goldfish that I have proudly named Burt & Ernie. Such cuties, but honestly I’m already bored. Why do they always have long stream of yuck hanging from them? I just cleaned the water yesterday and it already looks nasty. Any one want two medium-size goldfish in a small plastic aquarium with a pink vented top? J/K. I take my responsibilities seriously and I will cherish my short time with Burt, Ernie, and fish yuck. How long do goldfish live anyway? 1week?

So after the fair, Matt and I spent a romantic getaway at the Tradewinds Resort in St. Pete. Yeah! It was very relaxing and I truly felt like we were on vacation. I even ate like I was on vacation! Then, to make it even more vacation-like, I called my mom all the way in Clearwater to check us out on the live beach cam! 30 miles is a long way to be away from your parents. In all fairness, we did call Mom and Dad Tow who truly are far away from us and I think they enjoyed the beach cam. Especially with the super chilly weather up there!!

On a side note, I would just like to mention to all you Floridians that I am so happy it has finally warmed up here again. My thin blood can’t stand anything below 50 and now I’ve got a cold to prove it! Matt and I have been frrrreeeezzziiinnnggg…..Brrrrr….

PS- I know I need to get pictures of my new bangs soon. I’m working on it. I’m just not very photogenic. I HATE pictures!! I’m waiting for a day that I am more or less glowing a bit- not snot-nosed and pale.

One thought on “Add to the list:

  1. WTG! Matt! That Scooby is huge! LOL! at Bert and Ernie. Goldfish are dirty! We’ve have them, betas, and an aquarium when the kids were little and I swear I was never so glad to finally get rid of them. Holy Crap that’s a lot of junk to eat in one weekend. My body wouldn’t know what to do with all that sugar. I do love Twinkies but have never had a fried one. I’m thrilled with 45* mornings and temps around 72* this week. Those mornings last week around 20* with highs of 46* were too damn cold for my thinned out blood.Sounds like you had a fabulous weekend.


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