Unecessary ramblings…

Unecessary ramblings…

Strange things happen to me in parking lots. Once when I used to work at Mercury, I thought there was a dead guy in a car (apparently he was sleeping with the motor on). This time I saw a car in the Walmart parking lot that had one door open and large (full) trash bag next to it. No people were in sight and I waited for a bit, but no one came. So I went inside to let the manager know, but by the time we went out there the car was gone. Weird.

Speaking of Walmart, don’t ever go there mid-afternoon on a Sunday the day of the Super Bowl. Craaazzzyyy. It took me 3 hours to get a few things. REALLY.

Also, I’m really sore from the Wii fit. Is this possible? Or am I just way out of shape?

Today my students had a cake experiment in my Nutrition class where we used artificial sweeteners/sugar mixes. I lied several times and told them they “did great!” I just don’t feel the need to hurt any one’s feelings over an artificial sweetener cake experiment. In case your wondering, the sweet-n-low/sugar mix is pretty good. Whatever you do, don’t use equal as a sugar substitute in baked products. Bleh!

4 thoughts on “Unecessary ramblings…

  1. Did you all try the Splenda for baking? I never ever go to Walmart after 11:00am any day. I prefer to be there by 9:00 so I can whip through the store and there are few lines.


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