Did you know….

Did you know….

1) There is no more free beer at Busch Gardens and Sea World!!! They got rid of the hospitality center and now you actually have to BUY your beer. What a bunch of BS!!!! How are parents actually going to be able to handle taking their kids to a theme park without the free beer? For the love of God!! I’ve never been one to protest, but this really is a travesty!

2) The bumper cars ride at Busch Gardens is called “Ubanga Banga.” That’s no mistake my friends. There is some guy in a back office laughing his you know what off….

3) If you ride the train at Busch Gardens expect to see a lot of animal pooh. I mean LOTS of it! Ewww….

You guessed it. Matt and I went to Busch Gardens today and we (and by “we” I mean Matt) won two Care bears (Share bear and Bedtime bear), 2 monkey stuffed animals eating bananas (named Banana and Rama), and two very shiny Busch Garden Basket Balls.

In other news, we got a Wii last night! Yippee!!! I love it already. I’m so much better at bowling on it than I am in real life. Also, my Mii is way hot!

Just joking!

Ok, not really. My Mii does look good. I’m jealous of her. Seriously.

5 thoughts on “Did you know….

  1. Yeah, I knew there was no free beer anymore. I read about it shortly after both theme parks were sold. WTG Matt for winning all the goodies.Enjoy your Wii, my kids love theirs. Derek sat online for four hours the day it was released and snagged one from Amazon.com. He was so proud of himself. lol! He and Jake paid for it because they wanted it BEFORE Christmas. Rick and I got them games and accessories that year and every gift opportunity since. lol


  2. Yay for a new Wii! I love ours! :)I am a bowling CHAMPION btw… but only on the Wii. IRL I can’t bowl to save my life 😉 If you are looking for any fun games for it Boom Blocks is one of my FAVORITES!!


  3. I thought of you and Matt when I read about the lack of hospitality housing, but I didn’t even think of Busch Gardens, I was remembering how much you liked Sea World.


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