5 thoughts on “Salt in the wound…

  1. Crap that sux! Do you live in Florida or are you planning to live in Florida. We live up near Ocala in Dunnellon until the end of this summer and get transfered to somewhere else in Florida.Can you re-take it?


  2. Chele- I live in the Tampa Bay Area and teach in Pinellas County. Ocala is nic (I used to live in Gainesville for 9 years) but I love Tampa much better!Tiff- I’m taking it again on FEb. 20th- BLEH!


  3. We’ve lived in Tarpon Springs and then Spring Hill before moving up here. My dh is building the new USF Shands Cancer Hospital in Gainesville. It’s looking like we will be moving to Clermont this summer so he can build a Children’s Hospital in Orlando. ++++ vibes that you pass the test on Feb. 20th.


  4. Sorry darling! Here’s to hoping that Feb 20 is your day, finally! And here’s also to hoping that you can be at girls’ sushi and drinks on Feb 28 šŸ™‚ It’s been far too long!


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