See ya, cheetah….

See ya, cheetah….

Well, my beloved cheetah chaise is long gone. The lady came to pick it up this morning. The funny thing is, her name is Suzanne, too….weird. Cheetah went from one crazy Suzanne to another. Let’s just take a moment to remember cheetah in all her glory:

Me and Cheetah on my 24th birthday.

Boo loved cheetah, too…

Then, Lily came and joined the cheetah party.

Cheetah at the APT G104!

Who’s that handsome cheetah chair in the corner?

Cheetah, even though no man would sit in you for fear they might look “gay.” I kind of liked that you had that effect on stupid boys, none of them were good enough for you anyway. You’ll always be my beloved cheetah chair that got me through my single days. I will treasure our memories of tv watching and hittin’ the hay. Farewell and adieu, you will never be forgotten, my beloved chaise…

*Ok, but in all seriousness, I am going to miss that chair. It was very comfy and tres chic! But, those days are over and now I’ve got to move on to suburban mom furniture. sigh*

3 thoughts on “See ya, cheetah….

  1. Gina- Holy shit!Candi- I love animal print. I don’t care what anyone says, it’s HOT and there should always be a little bit of animal somewhere in your house 🙂 (leopard print carpet would be AWESOME!)


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