Soooooo, I failed the stupid Social Studies Area Subject Exam again! I can’t believe it- 3 times now! Yes, way….I’ve failed that exam 3 whole times. I hate when I fail at anything. Especially when I really study and prepare like crazy for it.

It’s like New Years Eve 2003 when I bought a black velour jumpsuit to go camping with an old boyfriend and some friends. Everyone teased me for buying an outfit to go camping in, but it was New Years Eve and I didn’t want to get any of my jeans messed up! It was a totally practical and cute outfit to wear camping, except for the lace trimming at the bottom which caught leaves, tiny twigs, and other scary camping critters. Anyway, long story short- said boyfriend broke up with me that night. Yep…all that planning for nothing….brand new camping outfit and everything. I don’t even like camping!

C’mon, isn’t this like the cutest camping outfit you’ve ever seen? (the only difference was that mine was black and had lace trim around the cuff of the pant legs). Don’t lie….you would wear it!

2 thoughts on “rejection

  1. OMG, when I bought a cute navy blue velour track suit just like that, everyone made fun of me so bad… I took it back…:(My feelings are still hurt over that… I loved that stupid velour suit…*sigh*I won’t go camping unless there’s indoor plumbing nearby… and by that I mean “a five star resort”.


  2. That totally sucks that you didn’t pass! I am so sorry! That has got to be so frustrating! I would totally wear that velour suit camping! They are so comfortable too.


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