2008, over and OUT…

2008, over and OUT…

Well, it’s been only a few days into 2009 but already I feel it’s going to be better than last. Before we get to that, I would just like to mention that Santa brought me money, jewelry, more money, more jewelry, and a watch. I must have been REAL good this year….hehe…

So, we rang in the New Year with a swanky get together at our place. Both Moms and Dads were here and we even got Mom Tow to drink some of the sparkly goodness….YIPPEE!!!

Our first day of 2009 was spent at the Outback Bowl. Go Hawks!! Believe it or not, the Hawkeye’s are almost as much fun as the Gators. Of course it wouldn’t be a true Suzanne moment without a brief instant of insanity. It went something like this:

There I was searching for the perfect spectator snack to go with my souvenir cup. Pizza? No..Nachos? No…Pretzel? YES! I cringe. Wow, I can’t believe the line is so long, I thought! I convince myself to stay since half-time is coming up and it is not going to get any better. Plus that pretzel looks real good. I stand in what appears to be the shortest line with my brand new Hawkeye shirt and visor listening to the guy behind me explain how he lives in South Tampa now and loves it so much better than Iowa. Um, yeah! It’s like 20 below I argue with him in my head silently. Suddenly I realize there are two girls stopped in front of me telling me something.

“What?,” I mumble politely.

“Go Hawks!” The two chipper girls cheer at me.

Hawks. Hawks? Hawks…hmmm…do they mean Gators? Oh wait! I’m a Hawkeye today, that’s right!

“Go, Hawks!” I mumble quickly.

The two girls look at me like I’m foreign or stupid, or something.

“Oh, I’m a Hawkeye by marriage. See, I forgot I was rooting for the Hawks, today. Haha!” I explain quickly mimicking their cheery tone.

The two girls give me the rolling eye and mutter “oh, no!” as they walk away.

Yes, true story. I forgot I was a Hawk. At least I look cute in my Hawkeye Gear…

Mine and Matt’s first picture of 2009

Anywho, I don’t know if it was the sparkly champagne or the excitement of a college football game, but it got me thinking about the rest of 2009. I think I’m going to try for a few other resolutions (better odds of accomplishment). Such as:

1) Take a cake decorating class

2) Write a book, finally! Or at least start….I read all 4 Twilight books this break and I realize that if Stephenie Meyer can do it, so can I! I mean really. Those are the first books she’s ever written! I was big fan until I got to book 4 and I realize how ludicrous it all is. First of all, how does a human get pregnant by a vampire?? The vampire is dead. He doesn’t have a heartbeat, so he can’t have sperm, right?! Maybe I’m being overly sensitive but I hated the book when I got to that part. (oops, Infertile Suzanne popped out for a second!) Sorry if I just spoiled it for someone….

3) Get down to an ungodly weight (the one I was in college). Honestly, I just want to see if I can do it now that I’m in the dreaded metabolism stopping 30’s. Also, I persuaded Matt and my parents to complete my Tiffany’s bracelet with the necklace and ring that matches. What motivation! I realize I will do ANYTHING for Tiffany’s. Almost. (Matt, don’t get any ideas!) Here is the most recent pic of me at about 128ish looking very “Suzie Homemaker.”

4) Stop “trying” to get pregnant. Everyone keeps telling me when I stop trying it will happen. So, whatever, I’m up for the challenge. I mean, I’ve already taken my basal body temperature daily for over a year, peed on over 200 sticks, followed the lunar calendar, created fake sunlight to motivate ovulation, taken fertility drugs, had an ovulation trigger shot, been artificially inseminated, and gotten a blessing by a priest. What’s one more thing going to hurt?

5) Be the best wife! I got a clean slate from Matt and I’m hoping I can make it through 2009 without too many tantrums. So far so good (2 days down, 363 more to go)


PS- This blog is 1 year old!

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