Thanksgiving, Final Exams, a Confession, Resolutions and some Christmas Cheer…..

Thanksgiving, Final Exams, a Confession, Resolutions and some Christmas Cheer…..

***warning: long and overdue post***

Well, it has been a while and I feel you all deserve a quality post of what has been going on in the Tow household. First, I just want to make it clear that I blame Matt for my lack of blogging this fall. The computer keeps breaking down and I think we need a new computer but no one listens to me….(Matt, I hope you are reading this!!!)

Soooooo, for Thanksgiving we had a nice 9 day trip to Normal, IL where it was cold and snowy. Luckily, we had great company and space heaters to help me forget about the cold! Thanks to Holly for giving me the tip about the cuddl dud long johns! Those really do help!! Anyway, Thanksgiving was FANTASTIC and we were sad to leave (even though it was snowing A LOT the day we left).

I would also like to take the time to announce that I have finished my courses for my professional certificate! Only thing left to do is pass the Social Studies Subject Exam. I’m also going to use classes and finals as another excuse I haven’t been updating regularly. I can’t put all the blame on Matt…..well, I can but with it being the holiday season and all… Anyhow, this makes me really happy because now I have time to read for pleasure and so I started the “Twilight” series. Holy Cow, I’m addicted! I mean, I know everyone else has been saying this, but I’ve been slow to jump on the bandwagon! I can’t wait to finish and then go see the movie!

Now for my Confession (some of you know this and some of you don’t…)
“Hello, my name is Suzanne and I am infertile…”
Ok, I said it! It’s not something I’ve talked about with many, but after 15 months of trying to conceive a baby I’m tired of feeling sorry for myself, so I figured maybe the rest of you could do it for me! (j/k) All joking aside, I’m doing fine except for the part where I hate pregnant people. I’m not proud of that, but if you are my friend and you are pregnant then please note that I don’t hate you, infertile Suzanne does. That’s not the same thing. There’s still hope that she will go away and science will supersede. Please pray that we don’t get pregnant with more than two at one time, please. We’re not interested in becoming Suzanne and Matt plus 8, but with the impending injections which are coming up, it seems pretty high odds that we will have multiples. So as far as resolutions go for 2009, instead of trying to lose weight, I’m trying to gain weight* (however, hopefully no more than 25 lbs (40 lbs, if twins) and only if the weight gain is caused by baby, amniotic fluid, swollen breasts, and placenta). That’s not too much to ask, is it? With all honesty, though, the real reason I’m telling you this is not to make you feel bad, it’s just to warn you that I’ve been a bit prickly lately about people asking us when we’re going to have kids and what we’re waiting for, etc. I figured I should lay it all out on the table before I end up having a public melt down the next time someone mentions babies or pregnancy.

Finally, I just wanted to end with a little Christmas cheer. Just so you know, I “heart” Christmas and New Years!! So much, that I’ve been humming Christmas tunes for the past month and listening strictly to the Christmas carol station here in town (104.7, in case you are wondering). So, before I go I just wanted to wish everyone a Happy Holiday! You know, in case the computer breaks again and I can’t blog for another month or so…

PS: I’m officially the cat lady. Aren’t my Boo Bear and Lily Pie the cutest things you’ve ever seen?!?!