This post is for Marisa…

This post is for Marisa…

Yeah, yeah. I know I’ve been slacking on my blog since August, but seriously I’m not that interesting. I’ll prove it!

1) This summer all I did was sleep in, find new curtains and blinds for the living room, put some cute pics and valances in the kitchen/dining room, made two flower arrangements that I added to the dining room table and guest bedroom, reorganized some closets, and re-arranged furniture. Yawn!

2) Oh, yeah! We did take a mini vacation to Normal, IL for Jenny’s shower- that was fun!

3) Since school started I have began waking up around 5 am again, which means that right now it’s past my bedtime. Yawn and yawn….

4) Um, there are those pesky little fertility drugs that I’m on that make me a *real joy* to be around. Sorry, honeybunches! Remember that earlier post about our goals for the year? Well, apparently #5 isn’t as easy as we thought it would be.

5) Did I mention that in my spare time I’m either studying for the two classes that I’m in or grading papers for the school I teach at?? ok, ok….I admit, my job is not that bad. Tomorrow we are making breakfast wraps and kool-aid play dough.

I’m Booooorrrriiiinnnggg!! Or am I?

It suddenly hass occurred to me that if I’m getting messages from various people to update my blog I must have a bigger audience than I realized. I feel like Britney Spears! Thanks, Marisa! You made my day! 😉

If you really want to stroke my ego, you can click the link to follow my ( I mean “ours”- whatever!) blog over on the right side of this page. That would make me feel really good about myself!

3 thoughts on “This post is for Marisa…

  1. I can’t figure out how to follow you… hmm… maybe I am just a computer retard? LOL!I’ll keep trying though. I love reading your blog so definitely keep the updates coming 🙂


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