Maury/Jerry vs. CVS

Maury/Jerry vs. CVS

While on one of my weekly trips to CVS (I’ve been sick for a month, people!) I ran across something very curious. I consider myself a regular there at the Northwood CVS. Yes, the pharmacist knows me by name. So, how I seemed to have missed this little gem until today is beyond me.

I introduce to you…..IDENTIGENE.

For the low low price of $29.99, you too can know who your Baby Daddy is. Even better, if you are too embarrassed to buy this in public, you can buy it online, ( on sale for ONLY $23.99 + shipping. Just type in keyword “paternity.”

And so my question is, how do Maury Povich and Jerry Springer still have a job?? I can find out who my baby daddy is for the same price I pay to get a pedi/mani.

*Disclaimer- Mom, no I am not pregnant and yes I know who my baby daddy is/will be. I’m just being silly…*

2 thoughts on “Maury/Jerry vs. CVS

  1. Oh wow I am SO glad. I mean, my kids look nothing like their “daddy” so I’m glad I can finally clear things up!!!!! Do you think the sale price is worth it for 3 tests?


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