Mystery Solved!!

Mystery Solved!!

Ok, it would be much cooler (in a horrifying grotesque kind of way) to believe that we we found was a thumb/big toe at the beach, however I have come to the conclusion that Noah was right- it is a fish part!

This is how I came to my conclusion:

Remember said conch shell in exhibit A from the previous post? Well, the other day I went out to check on it (I had it outside in the sun to dry out) and smelled a horrific “death” smell that was vaguely familiar. I checked inside to find a very large, dead, and scary looking animal (the conch). After further research I found pics on the internet of conch meat.

Voila! Look familiar???

You may know them better as a fritter- the are tasty, I must admit.

So, everyone on the gulf side of Florida can calm down. No dead body parts found floating on the water- YET!


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