Hammer Time!

Hammer Time!

Ladies and Gentleman, you are the first to hear (besides Matt, Ellen, Jeff, and Elaine the Pain) that I touched MC Hammer’s arm!!!

So the story goes like this:

Ellen and Jeff invite Matt and I to go to the Ray’s game. As it turns out, it is a summer concert series game, it’s 90’s night, and MC Hammer is performing in concert afterwards. Call me crazy, but I was super siked for Reverand Hammer! We met up at Ferg’s for good eats and beer and then head down to the game.

During the game, Pepsi, Sierra Mist, and Aquafina have a race. Aquafina was the previous champ, but was sabatoged by the Ray’s mascot, so Pepsi won by an inch.

The Ray’s won like 6-3 or something. I don’t know honestly, cause MC Hammer was getting ready to perform and that’s all that matters…

We started walking to the other side of the stadium, when 4 very nice people offer us their bracelets to go down on the field to watch the concert. It was “too loud” for them apparently. I thought I was going to pee my pants I was so excited!! We get down there when MC Hammer gets out on stage with his dancers.

***VERY important to note that he was NOT wearing his parachute pants and this was very dissapointing to Ellen and I. We were sure he would wear them. When we found a crazy fan who did wear them and all was good again.***

The concert was awesome. He had us all doing the “2 legit 2 quit” hand signals. Ellen and I were both doing it, and luckily no camera’s were around at the time….


Ok, now for the good part….At the end, everyone shouts “hammer time”- we are all eager to here “U can’t touch this!” (naturally)

It appears that Mc Hammer is down on the field singing. For whatever reason, I suddenly get star struck….I completely forget that I’m married or that I’m at the concert with other people (ok, it may have been the beers…). I go running towards MC Hammer screaming “Hammer Time!” Well, Hammer is walking up the side reaching his hand out and everyone is touching it. Somehow I manage to be in the front and reach out and touch him too!!! I seriously felt like one of those teeny bopper girls at a boy band concert who starts crying and passes out (no I didn’t actually do that, people). Anyway, I got about 3 seconds of video of him walking by right after I touch him. You can catch a glimpse of his arm. He’s wearing white pants, a white jacket and a black bandana.


I’m charging $1 a minute to hold my Hammer hand. Let me know ASAP if you are interested…. I need to wash my hands before school starts on August. 19.

One thought on “Hammer Time!

  1. kay, I watched that video like 12 times before I saw his arm … too much of the head directly in front of you 🙂


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