6 days and 6 reasons

6 days and 6 reasons

Ok, so with 6 more days until the big 3-0 I am inspired to give 6 reasons why I don’t want out of my 20’s….

6) cellulite: ok, I may or may not already have some but I definitely don’t want any more!!

5) wrinkles: I’ve already started to get that line around my mouth 😦

4) gray hairs: yeah, I’ve found a few already and they grow in sideways!!! What the heck? So, am I going to have crazy gray hair that sticks up in all directions, now??

3) saggy boobs: I’ve already been wearing bullet proof bra’s in my 20’s…what’s next? Steel?

2) slower metabolism: enough said…

1) losing my mind: yeah, you know- memory loss, eye sight, hearing, common sense.

Basically, I’m convinced that I’m going to turn into a fat, saggy boobed, gray-haired crazy lady this Friday the 25th. I’m considering adding highlights and getting some lipo and a boob job before then. I’m fine with crazy as long as I look good. Do you think 1 week is time enough to get these things done? If not, I may consider keeping 29 for a while.
My sister 2 years from now:
PS- on the bright side, I can run for president in 5 years!

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