… the newest addition to our Family!


As you can tell, she’s super cute. And since we have no children, I’ve taken many pictures of her cuteness these past few days. Matt and Mike love her to death! She’s just adorable! One of the funniest things she does is follow Boo around everywhere. At first Boo was not too happy about it, but he’s getting used to her. I keep reminding him that she’s his little sister and to be nice. He’s threatened some bites, but hasn’t actually done it….yet…..

By the way, doesn’t Boo look like a Monster now? Yeah…ok, I get it now, he’s fat!

3 thoughts on “INTRODUCING…

  1. Amy, don’t tell my Lily this, but your Lilli is much cuter than mine. My Lily likes to play catch the footsie while I’m sleeping and it’s starting to get on my nerves!!!


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