“In a World Left Silent, One Heart Beeps”

“In a World Left Silent, One Heart Beeps”

So, Matt took me on a romantic date last night to see WALL-E. First, though, he took me out to dinner at BD’s for some DIY stir-fry. Once we were sitting and eating our super creations the conversation goes something like this:
Matt: “Suzanne, have you seen any previews about Wall-E? Do you know what it is going to be about?
Me: “No, I haven’t seen a preview but I’m sure it’s just like every other movie.”
Matt: “Ok, so what do you think it’s going to be about?”
Me: “You know, there’s this little robot thing that meets a little kid and they become friends. They have lots of fun together and and they do silly funny things. Right? How close am I?”
Matt: “Yeah Suzanne, you’re good…that’s about right. You got it.”
I admit I was wrong. I didn’t even know it was animated. I don’t want to ruin it for the rest of you, but I will say this- I have a strict rule about watching movies with a happy and romantic ending. This one has both. I really did love it. Even if it was animated and there was a lot of robot talk that I didn’t really understand that everyone else thought was funny.
The Tow’s give it two thumbs up!! (If that even means anything to you)

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