Another day at the beach???

Another day at the beach???

Ok, so we spent the day at the beach with Noah and Tara. Tara and I were walking along a sand bar looking for cool shells and found this:

3 sand dollars
1 piece of coral
1 conch shell
1 pretty shell
1 thumb/big toe/fish part/whale vomit

Well, Tara and I are 100% sure it’s either someone’s thumb/big toe. Noah thinks it’s a fish part. Matt swears it might be whale vomit and worth $18,000.

Please view evidence:

Exhibit A: Sand dollars, Conch, Coral and Shell

Exhibit B: Thumb/Big Toe/Fish Part/Whale Vomit

Exhibit C: Thumb/Big Toe/Fish Part/Whale Vomit in comparison to Tara’s Thumb

Exhibit D: Thumb/Big Toe/Fish Part/Whale Vomit in comparison to my big toe (please disregard nail polish- you know sand messes it up)

Please note that *said* item was found floating in the water. Further examination proved that it also smelled like “death.”

What do you think?

Well, I’m 30….

Well, I’m 30….

and there were no strange hairs growing out of my chin or anything like that.

Well, I might be a few pounds heavier, but that’s because I chose to eat nothing but ice cream so far, today….

For those of you on the brink of 30 still, I’ll let you know if anything crazy happens in the next 9.5 hours or so.

Looks like we’re going to the Columbia in Ybor to eat Spanish food and watch Flamenco dancers, tonight. So far so good!



Less than an hour until “D” day….yikes!!! What am I going to do? Did I miss anything? Should I go bungee jump or something before I miss out on anything during my 20’s?


We made it!!

We made it!!

Matt and I have been married 1 year today!!

We went to Tio Pepe’s (our first date to a really nice restaurant was there) for an excellent dinner. We followed that with a bit of our thawed out wedding cake and then we shared a few gifts.

Pic of us right before dinner:

Ladies, just so you know, I am a complete genius! I talked Matt into doing “traditional anniversary gifts”, so we exchanged paper for year 1. I got a magazine subscription to “In Touch Weekly.” Matt got a certificate of adoption for a crocodile I made a donation for in his name. Sounds silly now, but check out the gifts I’ll be getting after a few more years of marriage under my belt:
15 Crystal
20 China
25 Silver
30 Pearl
35 Coral
40 Ruby
45 Sapphire
50 Gold
55 Emerald
60 Diamond