The up and up

The up and up

Ok, so clearly we’ve had a lot going on lately. A LOT. Like not enough time for me to update the blog type of “a lot” going on. So I will recap the best I can, although I promise you it was a lot more fun in person than it will be on this blog!

June 2-12: Mom and Dad Tow, Brandi, Grandma Hunnicutt, and Jennifer all came to visit!! Days were spent at the pool, going to the beach and an awesome day trip to Orlando to visit SeaWorld!

June 3: Suzanne and Matt get married in the Catholic Church! (remember I warned you in a previous post we were getting married again)

June 5: Last day of school for teachers!! Hallelujah!

PS: click here to see what happened on the last day of school….

PPS: before you all start calling me to find out what the hell happened I’ll answer a few questions now…Yes, I know him. No, he does not look that creepy in real life. Yes, I do know who the other teacher is but I will keep their privacy and refrain from saying who it is. Yes, I liked him and thought he was nice.

PPPS: No, I didn’t realize how “nice” he was…

June 6: Tow Insurance Agency Grand Opening party!! Need Insurance?? Call the Tow Insurance Agency!

June 8: Daytrippers go to SeaWorld!

By the way, it doesn’t matter how old you are- Shamu is amazing and so is the brewmasters school (free beer!).

June 16-20: Suzanne goes to ESOL training. 😦
no fun = no pics!

June 23: Big Daddy West turns 58!! Happy Birthday, Dad!
(still waiting to get these pics from Mama West)

***Please note that as per this post we have completed 4 out of 5 tasks for this year. How’s that for keeping goals!? Booyacasha (I think, what does that mean, anyway?)!***

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