Ice Cream Alternative

Ice Cream Alternative

I have found the answer to my ice cream addiction!!

Ok, so I realize I eat quite a bit of sugar. Lately, I’ve decided to cut out some of the refined carbs I’ve been eating with whole grains instead. Only one problem- ice cream. I’m ok with whole wheat bread, love brown rice, etc. Sugar Free ice cream, however- Bleh!

So here’s my trick. I bought some sugar free cool whip and frozen fruit. LOVE IT!! My favorite is when I use the dark sweet cherries with the cool whip. It is so yummy that I don’t even crave ice cream anymore. Can you believe it!?

P.S.- You can find it in the frozen section of your local grocery store. Extra perk- frozen fruit is right next to the cool whip at Publix!!

4 thoughts on “Ice Cream Alternative

  1. That’s great! I don’t think I could do it though! I am more of a Nestle break and bake chocolate chip cookie kind of girl though! So good…


  2. You can also add a box of sugar-free instant pudding to a tub of cool whip and stick it in the freezer … a good chocolate fix that is much better for you!


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