The Wedding Aftermath…

The Wedding Aftermath…

Ok, so everyone has been asking me about the wedding! I know I have been slow to post. The truth is that things are just now starting to get back to normal.

Quick Recap of the wedding events:
Thurs, April 3rd: Elaine’s Bachelorette Dinner
-We made her think that we were taking her to Ybor to see strippers and drink cocktails out of penis straws. Although we did take her to Ybor, we had a nice dinner at the Columbia while watching tasteful dancers (the Flamenco kind).

Fri, April 4th: The Rehearsal Dinner
-We all went to Maggiano’s at Westshore Mall after practicing the moves at the church. Dinner was AMAZING. We had a typical Italian family style meal consisting of Calamari, Caprese, Salad, Roast Chicken, Eggplant Parmesan, Clam Linguine, Salmon with Spinach, Tiramisu, and Apple Crisp.

Sat. Day, April 5th: The BIG Day
-Things were pretty hectic trying to get to the church, but once things got started it was smooth sailing. Elaine looked BEAUTIFUL (of course-she’s related to me)! Afterwards we went to Phillipe Park to get some picturesque photo’s for her album. We then all mosied over to the Spa for a lovely (slightly crazy) reception.

Sat. Night, April 5th: Reception/Frat Party
-Um, did we go to a Reception or a Frat Party??? There were too many shenanigans to tell, and I may or may not have been a part of them (I cannot confirm or deny at this time). I will divulge that I did feel like I had stumbled back into my college days, or maybe that was because half the sorority house was there…Anyhow, shenanigans include:
-One very drunk dad dancing with his shirt tail out (daddy, you looked really cute, really)
-One drunk Asian girl passed out in the hallway (J- we love you! How are you feeling?)
-The matron’s bum hanging out of her dress (Lara, you are totally fun to dance with. Thanks for holding my dress up!)
-Oh, and one very very small lull in the music (Ok, I didn’t know the DJ’s plug was right behind me. I can’t help that my dress snagged onto it and unplugged it from the wall!)

So, yeah! We had a blast. I’m currently working on loading our pics into my album website. The professional pics won’t be around for a while. In the meantime I will hold you over with just a few I was able to take before the craziness began. OH! Before I forget…there will be a small video clip of the reception soon to come!

Prologue to Pictures: You see, Elaine started this tradition of getting pics of her friends (and myself) in our wedding gowns on the toilet. Being that 3 of 4 matrons were a part of this tradition Elaine had started, we thought it only fair to get her back. So beware of TOILET in the background…

Shannon: The first one of us to be the butt (no pun intended) of Elaine’s tradition. She lovingly posed in the same position she was in on her wedding day.

Marisa: The second of Elaine’s victims. Doesn’t she look so poised over the toilet?

Me: Elaine’s 3rd victim. I’m having too much fun. Clearly, I think I’m being clever by coming up with this idea.

Parveneh: She never was subject to the wrath of Elaine and her camera. Risque…you’re too good at this! Are you sure you never posed in front of a toilet before??

The first published pic of Elaine in her wedding gown…Isn’t she lovely?!

One thought on “The Wedding Aftermath…

  1. These toilet pictures are too funny! Too bad we couldn’t stay until the very end- we missed the really drunk moments! We had a great time though!


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