9 whole glorious days away from teenagers, school lunch, the smell of dry erase markers and whiny comments such as:

“You give us SOOO much work.”

“What are we supposed to do again…?”

“We have a test today?”

“We have to read this WHOLE thing??”

“This is sooooo lame…”

“I don’t like to cook, why do I have to take this stupid class, anyway?”

“Why can’t you just let us out early? We won’t say anything!”

“Can I go to the bathroom?”

And my all time favorite…..drumroll, please….

“Yo trippin, Mrs. Tow.”

Hallelujah! Spring Break is here!!

3 thoughts on “SPRING BREAK!!!

  1. LOL! Hope you have a good break!I loved the apple dumplings! My hubby ran to the store last night for more crescent rolls and asked me to make them again..lol.


  2. Made the apple dumplings tonight … they were indeed awesome. Let me know if you do anything else of PW’s and how it comes out 🙂 I have some more planned but they involve bacon so I know you won’t be interested ;-)Good luck this weekend! I’d love to see pictures!


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