Tow Adventures or Suzanne Adventures??

Tow Adventures or Suzanne Adventures??

Ok, so I realize that this blog is becoming more and more about me. Honestly, I’m the only exciting person in this household (j/k)! Ok, the real truth is that I’ve got some things up my sleeve that I’m not ready to post about because it either hasn’t happened yet, or it is still in the process.

Up and coming:
1) Finished back patio with brand new hot tub!
2) Elaine gets married!
3) Tow Agency gets their own building!
4) Mom and Dad Tow come to visit us!
5) Suzanne gets pregnant! (me again)

Until then, a note on Mike & Matt:
1) Matt got his wisdom teeth pulled this past Thursday
2) Mike has been scoping out some spring break girls at the beach the last 2 nights in a row (Matt helped him)

*see…I’m totally more exciting than they are!*

One thought on “Tow Adventures or Suzanne Adventures??

  1. I’m totally excited for when you get pregnant … not that you can fit any of my pregnancy clothes, but yay for babies!In other news, I hope you get through Elaine’s wedding in one piece and that you all enjoy yourselves, and I can’t wait for the post-hottub party at your place! 🙂


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