Cat Chili and Vagisil

Cat Chili and Vagisil

So, today I went to the store to get a couple odds and ends. You know, some bleach, mouthwash, juice, etc. On my way to the bleach aisle a lady stops to ask me where the cat chili is.

Cat chili?

Ya, I don’t know….like cat food? Or is it the brand of a chili? “You know, cat chili,” the lady says. I stood there trying to think of anything else she could possibly mean besides cat chili and my brain fails me. So, I just told her I don’t come there often and I’m not sure.

As I’m still contemplating what cat chili is, I find myself down the toothpaste/mouthwash aisle when a cute little old lady asks me if I can reach for something for her. Well, of course cute little old lady. How could I not?

“Ok, then if you can grab that box of Vagisil for me I would really appreciate it.”

Vagisil? Really?

All the sudden I’m back in my middle school sex ed class trying not to laugh during those videos they would show us.

It wasn’t just the regular vagisil either. It was the personal lubricant for sexual pleasure kind.

EEEeeewwwww….I guess old people have sex, too….eeeeeeeeeeeeEEEEEEEWWWWWwwww!

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