Elaine’s Wedding Shower

Elaine’s Wedding Shower

Today, I hosted Elaine’s wedding shower. My mom and I have been planning it for months so things went pretty smoothly. Well, until the bear’s head fell off….

By bear, I mean the bride bear cake with raspberry filling. What’s weird is that it made here safe and sound. The head just literally slid off while sitting quietly on the table. I thought I was going to die. I started hyperventilating and crying!! I called my mom hysterical. There was no way to fix the cake and the shower was only 45 minutes away. So, I took a few deep breaths when I had an epiphany…”CALL PUBLIX.” I spoke to the Bakery Manager, who clearly was a little intimidated by my hysterics. Here is a girl screaming and crying hysterically that her perfect shower is ruined becuase the bear’s head fell off. He told me he could have another one done for me in 45 minutes and HE DID!!! Yipee!!! 🙂

So, the shower went perfectly!! Elaine seemed pretty happy and my flower arrangements were a nice touch. Here are a couple pics for you to see. The album is on our site for your viewing pleasure.

One of seven flower arrangements I made

Elaine sitting pretty

Isn’t the bride bear cake so cute?!

2 thoughts on “Elaine’s Wedding Shower

  1. Looks like a very nice party. 🙂 Especially since the Bear Bride wasn’t headless…talk about Bridezilla!!! LOL!!!! You’re flower arrangements look wonderful. 🙂


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