Dr. Phil

Dr. Phil

One of my students is going to be on Dr. Phil Friday, Feb. 1. Yes, you heard right! It’s an episode about Teen Pregnancy. Can you guess which one is my student? Since I teach the Teen Pregnancy class at my school, it will be interesting to watch. I guess her parents wrote in to Dr. Phil about her situation. I almost feel sick thinking how she will be exploited in this manner, but I’m going to watch it anyway… *sigh*

7 thoughts on “Dr. Phil

  1. So I DVR’d it and watched it tonight … so the 14-year-old virgin is yours? Are you who she told her baby’s daddy committed suicide in Georgia?


  2. Man, I missed it. You know my mom works with pregnant teens still. She can bring the girls in to your class for a discussion, or you can send the teen to her program, it’s part of Pinellas County Schools.


  3. I was very surprised by the whole show. It made me feel ill. I’m not sure what to believe anymore. April: I’m not the teacher she told about the boyfriend..although I do know about him, he hasn’t commited suicide that I know of. Laurie: No plug on her favorite teacher, even though she has told me I am her most favorite- probably best my name was left out (since I am the one that teaches the pregnancy and parenting class at my school!)Rhiannon: That would be awesome if your mom could help me out with that. I’ll talk to you about that when we meet up. When are we meeting up again?? 🙂


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