Brave Boo or Scaredy Cat?

Brave Boo or Scaredy Cat?

So, there I am sitting in one of the recliners reading when I hear Boo meowing like there was something wrong with him. I look up, and there he is looking down at me from the second floor banister.

You can’t really get the full affect unless you can really see the size/height of the room and where I was sitting in respect to where he was. So, here I zoomed out. See the green recliner I was sitting in? Yeah- SCARY! For sure I thought he was hanging down from the second floor with one paw. Can you see the cartoon now?

On a side note, did you know that if you put material in front of cat like you are bullfighting they get scared and run away?? Yes, they do the opposite of a bull. Don’t try this at home! Boo may be a little traumatized and now we can’t even put on our clothes or jackets on around him…

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