By Popular Request

By Popular Request

Some of you have asked me about my classroom. I teach Nutrition & Wellness, Intro to Food Preparation (cooking), Child Development, and Parenting Skills. I just wanted to note that Pinellas County has some of the best schools in the State. I’m very lucky to work for this county. They have provided my class with a brand new computer, a laptop, a DVD player, 4 whole kitchens with supplies, and 5 Baby simulators. There is more, but the list is too long! Here are some pics of my classroom for your viewing pleasure.

The Classroom

My Desk Corner

Student Corner

Back of class- Entrance to the Lab

1 of 4 the Kitchens in the lab

2 thoughts on “By Popular Request

  1. Your classroom is huge! I guess it has to be but still! Very cool that you got all that new stuff! Make sure you and everyone you know votes for the referendum!!! Sorry to get political! Enjoy your 4 day weekend! I will email you next week about meeting up!


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